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Different type of stained cabinets

There are lot of designs and types of kitchen cabinets to choose from, when it comes to resurfacing them. It required lot of attention and focus on choosing which will suit with your house. You will not want for your kitchen to look too much different from the other parts of the house. It is best to keep the color schemes and style your kitchen cabinets close to the theme of the house. The meaning of resurfacing the cabinets is to make them look a little bit different not out of order.

You can choose from prefinished and unfinished stained style solid hardwood. Even in stains, you will have choices such as wiping stain and premium no-wipe stain. In wiping stain, the stain will be sprayed and the excess material will be wiped off immediately.  In premium stain, the stain will be applied through a material but there won’t be any wiping. It will be left to dry off. The most important part in these two types is the control of color and spray so that it does not get overdone.

Another type of stain is the primed only for paint which is composed of solid color pigments mixed with a primer base. A White paint finish is applied and allowed adequate time to dry. The final layer of the finish must be compatible with an acid catalyzed conversion finish.

The other type of stained wood is solid tone color. This is being made by the mixture of solid color pigment and topcoat and it get applied after the coat of primer. The door of the cabinet gets sanding after the process of color applying. This type of stain is best for Birch, Maple or Poplar with an MDF center panel. The color you could get for the cabinet doors are ash, red oak, and white oak.

The bad thing about wood stain cabinet is that you will not have many choices when it comes to colors and if you want kitchen cabinets color change and have lot of choices for it you can go with painted cabinets.

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