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Sustainable Fibers to Replace Everyday Materials in Your Home

There is no doubt about it. The natural movement is here to stay, and it is rising. It is becoming increasingly popular with food and the fibers that people use. The following are just a few examples that you can consider if you are thinking of updating your home with more natural and sustainable fibers.

The Furry Rug

Okay, the most expensive but also one of the most timeless looks is using animal fur throughout the home. Of course, there are a number of vendors that sell rugs made from animals that were ethically harnessed; meaning every part of the animal was used. The look is beautiful and timeless. The feel is luxurious, which is one reason many love to use it as a rug. Of course, people in colder climates often use a fur cover to stay warm.

The Jute Box

It might be a good idea to start considering jute storage boxes or even hampers. This plant-based fiber is long-lasting due to its strength. It should be noted that jute also breathes easily, which makes it perfect for clothes so that smells do not accumulate in the hamper. The fiber is pretty versatile, so there are a number of colors to choose from. This is just another way to go green and make sure you are using eco-friendly materials at home.

Linen Tablecloth

Linen offers a host of benefits, and one way to reap these benefits is by using it as a tablecloth. For one, linen is pretty thin, which means that you can clean it easily. Stains, as long as they are dealt with quickly enough, rarely set, and the fiber feels as soft as you might imagine. It is a good idea to use linen instead of something like cotton, which absorbs stains too quickly. You can go to to find a pattern that matches your home.

Sisal Miscellaneous

Sisal is a strong and durable fiber that you can consider. Storage boxes are made from the fiber and some carpets. One thing you might not have thought about is using this material for scratching posts for your cat if you are a cat owner. This natural option could replace the synthetic option that you are using at the moment. Those who do not have a cat might want to consider sisal shopping bags since they are pretty strong and could hold your groceries better than other fabrics such as cotton.

You can start choosing clothes made from more natural fibers such as wool, silk, or angora just to name a few. Try to look around your home to see what you can replace, and there is bound to be a few things you did not think about like those curtains or your wash towels. The point is that you can revolutionize your home and make it a lot more sustainable than it is now. Hopefully, some of these suggestions help guide you toward a more green-friendly path.


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